This conference is for all thinking professionals who care deeply 
about the limitations and possibilities of our education system.
Rehumanising Education is hosted by the
New Zealand Centre for Science & Citizenship Trust.


Critical pedagogy (as opposed to critical thinking) is a movement; you have to be in the struggle, in solidarity with your community.  It’s not just something you do in your classroom, then, drive away from on your way home. 

- Dr Ann Milne

My challenge to you is this: think about what you want from life. . . . : to be part of a warm community, to experience the natural environment, to develop whatever talents you have, to use your body, to solve hard problems, for your contribution to be recognised by others, for your children to be happy. Now imagine if our social institutions were required to help people achieve hopes like these. Now there is a tale of joy.

- Niki Harré