Does Humanisation Depend on your Postcode?


Kia Aroha College Warrior Researchers

In 2015 the Warrior-Researchers of Kia Aroha College asked Dr Leonie Pihama for her understanding of those two words, as Māori. She told us that, in her view, “seeking to live as Māori is a process of humanisation, a process of revitalising ourselves as tangata whenua, a process of regeneration of te reo, tikanga and mātauranga Māori - in order that we may know ourselves more fully, and may live in all societies as Māori.”
In 2018 the researchers have explored the question, “What gets in the way of that process?” In particular, how does racism in our education system, and in our daily lives, impact on us as urban Māori and Pasifika youth? How do schools manage to assess us as being less capable than our Pākehā peers, when we know we are just as intelligent? Does humanisation depend on your postcode? What needs to change?